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BIM 360 Field Classic Versus Next Gen

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    This class will outline best practices and workflows using BIM 360 next-generation software for snagging and inspection on-site and BIM 360 classic software for model-based equipment tracking (Caverion Pilot project case study). We will see BIM 360 Document Management from service to common data environment; BIM 360 Field Management for snagging and inspection; the BIM 360 app providing one app for all the services; BIM 360 Glue software to define model-based equipment to be tracked; and BIM 360 Field software to perform equipment status tracking with a mobile device and schedule report.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the reasons for moving on BIM 360 next generation
    • Learn about BIM 360 technology with common data environment (CDE), Document Management, and BIM 360 Field Management
    • Learn how to perform snagging and inspection with BIM 360 Field Management
    • Learn how to perform equipment tracking with BIM 360 Field