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Rendering Compelling Photographic Scenes Using Revit, 3ds Max 2018, and Arnold

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    In the real world, one program just can't do it all when it comes to design, animation, and rendering of architectural models. This class will discuss the use of and best practices for animating and rendering Revit models using 3ds Max 2018 software and the new Arnold renderer in 3ds Max 2018. Learn methods for working with Revit models and rendering photo-quality images. Explore the use of the Scene Converter to update linked models so they work with Arnold. Use Physical Materials and the Sun Positioner to simulate outdoor lighting. Learn traditional photographic techniques and rules of composition to create compelling images. Learn how to frame a shot using composition techniques like the rule of thirds, diagonals, and the golden ratio. You will also see how to utilize Physical Camera controls to adjust scene exposure and depth of field. Get ahead of the competition by learning to create visually compelling, photorealistic renderings using photographic composition in a streamlined workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to successfully link to a Revit model from within 3ds Max 2018
    • Learn how to convert the scene and apply physical materials to a model
    • Learn how to create and configure the Sun Positioner and camera exposure
    • Learn how to place cameras using the rule of thirds, diagonals, and the golden ratio to render compelling imagery