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Reality Capture Case Study: How DPR Finds Successful Use Cases on a Unique Project

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    DPR Construction has been using reality capture technology to help build an atypical and complicated office building in downtown Pasadena, California. In this class, the audiences will learn how DPR implements data from UAV and laser scanning, not only for typical deliverables, such as floor flatness/levelness analysis, but also for unique applications, such as shoring-wall deviation analysis, design-change feasibility study, and location of cores and drills for constructability review. With post-tension cables, hundreds of miles of conduits inside the concrete decks, and a fast-paced schedule, the project presents numerous challenges to overcome. However, by utilizing reality capture data in ReCap Pro software and AutoCAD software, the virtual design and construction (VDC) team has brought great value to the design and construction team, had positive impacts on overall project performance, and provided a big return on investment to the owner. The class will cover these use cases and lessons, and highlight tips and tricks for working with reality capture data.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover standard reality capture deliverables that the DPR Construction team produces on typical projects
    • Discover unique use cases where you can use reality capture technology
    • Discover tips and tricks to increase data analysis efficiency with AutoCAD and ReCap Pro
    • Learn valuable lessons and strategies to successfully sell and implement your reality capture services on your next project