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Real World BIM from an Owner's Perspective

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    For a facility manager and building owner, the information embedded in a Revit software / Building Information Modeling (BIM) model represents the most tangible connection to the collective knowledge gained by the Design Team, the constructor, and past operators of a facility. However, the technology, change, and confusion surrounding BIM in the facility management (FM) industry is making it very difficult for a facility manager to navigate. The panel—led by facilities and FM technology experts from IFMA's Information Technology Council—will lead the audience through the BIM value proposition for owners and provide tools for assessing if BIM is the correct tool for their specific operations. This will include a discussion about why BIM, at this point in time, may not be the correct solution. Separately, for those who are ready for BIM, we will discuss how to adequately specify the needs of an organization related to BIM. For some, this may include developing a roadmap toward BIM aspirations.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover and discuss the value of BIM to facility managers
    • Learn how to establish if BIM is right for an FM and his/her organization
    • Learn how to specify what an FM wants from BIM
    • Discuss when BIM may not be the solution for an FM