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Real-Time Interactive Model: AEC Gamification from Unity to Forge and Reverse Flow
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This class will start exploring the basics of the Forge platform through a simple yet representative workflow sample. We’ll first introduce you to the basics of model translations and metadata extractions, jumping then into custom viewer extensions. We’re going to walk you through real-time data sharing aimed at augmenting model usability. We’ll show you how to set up a Socket.IO web framework for multiuser collaboration sessions. At this stage, we’re able to deep dive into data-sharing processes between different environments. We’ll set up a bidirectional link between the Forge Viewer and a real-time crowd simulation made in Unity game engine. On the web side, we’re going to visualize the results and interact with the running simulation agents directly from our web app. At the end, we’ll use these interactions as a source for data mining and business intelligence insights. Through custom charts, we’ll design a dashboard to enable better-informed, data-driven design.

Key Learnings

  • Discover a best practice for building a custom web app using Forge APIs
  • Learn how to empower team members to work together using web-browser multiuser sessions
  • Learn how to enhance intelligent model usability through interactive web applications
  • Learn how to set up a cross-platform workflow to combine the best of each software



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