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Real-Time City-Scale Data Streaming to Unreal Engine and Analytics

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    This talk will be about real-time, city-scale data visualization, analytics, computation, and simulation in Unreal Engine. We'll demonstrate real-world examples where complex master-planning data sets from multiple stakeholders were integrated to build an immersive digital twin platform in Unreal Engine. You'll learn how the outcome facilitated stakeholder engagement and collaboration and the ability to explore what-if scenarios of the urban development. Materials and textures application and rendering were automated, enabling application of different materials composition to city infrastructure and buildings to provide a realistic feel of the urban context. The speed of the real-time rendering was a masterpiece of computational geometry application to achieve automated processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about real-time, complex, city-scale rendering in Unreal Engine.
    • Learn about automated materials and textures rendering.
    • Learn about the integration of different software stack and data sets for the digital-twin platform.
    • Learn about a platform to enable stakeholder engagement and collaboration and integration of IoT sensor data via APIs within the gaming engine.