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From a Raspberry Pi to a Cloud in the Sky—Instant Access to Technology and Data

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    Network Rail is the owner-operator of the railway infrastructure in England, Scotland, and Wales, which includes 20,000 miles of track and 30,000 bridges, tunnels, viaducts; and employs more than 37,000 staff. In this new era of technology, Network Rail produces vast amounts of digital information and relies on terabytes of point-cloud data, 3D modeling, and instant access to information to help develop and maintain tomorrow’s railway infrastructure. In this session, we’ll show how Network Rail managed the challenge to move away from data drives and siloed working with large 3D scans and data sets. As part of their digital transformation journey, Network Rail used the Autodesk digital workplace and BIM 360 software as their collaboration platform to connect project teams to rapidly access big-data scans. Teams have instant access to the latest design software without the need for hardware upgrade or transportation of large data sets across project participants.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain deep knowledge on how Network Rail managed the challenge of working with terabytes of data in a collaborative environment
    • Learn about the significance of online technology in the future of infrastructure design and the ability to connect anytime and anywhere
    • Learn about how cloud-based infinite computing is set to revolutionize this age of connection
    • Learn how to fully automate a pioneering cloud workplace with highly optimized user experience on any connected device