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Quantum: A Next-Generation BIM Ecosystem
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"Forge HFDM offers breakthrough technology to put "data at the center" of a project. But what exactly does that mean for complex BIM projects? How will existing applications like Revit connect to this new ecosystem? What kinds of new apps can Autodesk and 3rd Party developers build? What new market opportunities open up as a result? Come learn how Project Quantum is using HFDM to re-imagine BIM workflows to support better project outcomes and better collaboration from Concept to Fabrication.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the future strategy for Autodesk in relation to BIM and Forge
  • Understand how Forge High-Frequency Data Management is being used to open up a BIM network
  • Discover new opportunities for software development within the BIM space
  • Help developer partners plan early for their strategies



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