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Pushing Revit to the Next Level: An Intro to Revit Plugins with C#

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    This class will provide an introduction to building Revit plug-ins using C# programming language. We will start by using Microsoft Visual Studio to create and deploy a Revit plug-in using C#. Once we understand how to build and use Revit plug-ins, we will delve deeper into the C# programming language, using it to tap into the Revit API to extend the functionality of Revit software. We will focus on 3 different exercises that utilize different areas of the Revit API, touching on useful C# techniques as we do.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to build a Revit plug-in using Visual Studio
    • Understand how to access the Revit API with C#
    • Find different areas of the Revit API to use with C#
    • Learn how to create and use Revit API objects when creating Revit plug-ins