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Providing Manufacturer-Specific BIM Content for Revit from Inventor

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    Building product manufacturers—are you satisfied with paying a third party to create Building Information Modeling (BIM) (Revit software) content? Frustrated that you have to pay again when you add or update your products? Would you like to make BIM content available on your own website, along with your photos, specifications, literature, and testimonials? Contractors—are you frustrated with searching among multiple content providers before finding content that leaves you wanting more (metadata, connectors) or less (geometry details)? Do you spend a lot of time matching specifications with models to make sure they're correct or up to date? Inventor software provides the building product manufacturer with simplification tools and BIM authoring to create configurable models, while Configurator 360 software hosts those models on your own website, enabling contractors to view, specify, and download BIM content. When you add or change products, it's easy to add or update products in Configurator 360 software. Take control of your BIM content and provide the actual product BIM model, just in time. This session features Inventor Professional and Configurator 360. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how Configurator 360 can host your products on your own website
    • Discover how Inventor can simplify your products for Revit scale LODs
    • Understand how Inventor can author Revit metadata/properties
    • Understand how configurable models (iLogic, iAssemblies) can be specified in Configurator 360