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Preserving 800-year city heritage using open online BIM courses

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    In this project we created a digital mockup of Nizhny Novgorod city that celebrates an 800-year Anniversary this year. We combined training course and project work using the principle “Knowledge in exchange for result”. More than 2400 people from 25 countries applied for the course. 1778 participants passed the preliminary test and started the training course. The participants learned and practiced principles of collaboration, data management, clash detection and 4D modeling in Revit and Navisworks during half of year. It is worth mentioning that all the training materials were public and in addition to that, we had 85 000+ YouTube views. 549 participants from 9 countries passed through the course and fulfilled their project work. They created more than 800 digital mockups of buildings. In the presentation we share main ideas, goals and approaches to create and run a common model of the city.

    Key Learnings

    • Create big BIM projects in educational format
    • Work with almost no budget and a small team
    • Use crowdsourcing to empower the project
    • Set up coordination and management process