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Practical 4D Construction Simulation Using Revit and Navisworks

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    3D coordination is now used in most projects to help improve predictability during construction. Usually the geometry is only shown in its final constructed location. While it is a big step forward to improving communication and planning, it doesn’t include the space needed during construction—which limits what can be predicted during the construction process. This session will show how to apply a practical approach to 4D construction simulation, including large-equipment routing, clear work areas, on-site material storage, and key milestone indicators. We are using a combination of Revit software and Navisworks software to visualize and animate these important factors in gaining benefit from virtual construction.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover 4D construction simulation
    • Learn about use cases that can benefit from 4D construction-site simulation
    • Discover the role and workflow with Revit and Navisworks for visualizing 4D construction-site simulation
    • Compare explicit 4D simulation to a construction-site digital twin