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Power Up Your Stingray Projects! Create Smooth Revit Workflows and Take Advantage of Your Models’ BIM Properties

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    Game engines empower us to enhance project understanding and make interactivity possible for all users, and they've grown from being super advanced to something more commonplace. Continuing that growth means we need to take advantage of the data and intelligence that we're building into our projects. To that end, this class will focus on 2 main aspects of the Stingray experience. First, we'll focus on streamlining workflows from Revit software to Stingray. This includes best practices for Revit families to ensure elements animate and work properly in Stingray. We'll also cover project workflows to ensure that our designs can progress while regularly updating our Stingray projects and not losing effort or time. Second, we'll ensure that we're getting more from Revit than just 3D geometry. Our design teams have put a lot of effort into creating intelligent Building Information Modeling (BIM); we should take advantage of that. So we'll cover the workflows used to bring that data into Stingray, and we'll look at how to take advantage of the data once it's there.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create smooth workflows between Revit and Stingray for easy updates and changes
    • Learn how to set up your Revit content and families for easier animation and coordination with Stingray
    • Learn how to create interesting interactions with your projects beyond simply opening doors
    • Learn how to take advantage of the BIM information in your projects for enhanced interactivity in Stingray