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Power of the Triad—Effectively Manage Xref and Xref Layer Property Overrides in AutoCAD

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    External reference (xref) is one of the key concepts in AutoCAD software. In AutoCAD 2018, we addressed this pain by providing smarter options that help reduce the pain created by a broken reference-and even if you're in a quagmire of missing references, we provide tools that will help you smartly search and fix the broken paths. And we all love layers-layers are a drafter's best friend-but often the challenge is how to effectively manage xref layer properties in the host drawing and the ability to control the xref layer property overrides without the need of having to change SYSVARs umpteen times. In this class, I intend to show how to effectively use the 3 key system variables-XREFOVERRIDE, VISRETAIN, and VISRETAINMODE-to choose either all xref layer properties to always sync, or selectively choose a few layer properties to sync and reload and keep the overrides for the other properties without the need to change SYSVAR values and open and close your host drawing file.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to manage external references smartly in AutoCAD
    • Learn how to quickly fix missing references and do smart configuration
    • Learn how to selectively control and manage xref layer property overrides in AutoCAD
    • Learn how to quickly visualize xref layer overrides in the Layer Manager and be able to reset