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The Power of Reality in Rich, Volumetric, VR Real-Time Experiences

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    This class will present an overview of the workflow of capturing and utilizing real-world urban and natural locations in order to make powerful, real-time, volumetric, 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) virtual reality (VR) experiences. Starting with site-capture methodologies, we will discuss techniques of utilizing 360 panoramas, DSLR photogrammetry, and laser scanning, along with specific hardware concerns. We’ll then cover postproduction workflow, utilizing raw conversion, tone mapping, photogrammetry solves, cleanup, and prep in Maya, then final import into Unity game engine. We will show final examples through a VR headset that illustrates urban CG integration of architectural design as well as natural landscapes.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the untapped potential of utilizing real-world volumetric capture for a variety of fields.
    • Learn how to capture locations with correct methodology and hardware.
    • Learn how to budget or schedule the correct scope of work.
    • Learn how quality is maintained throughout the entire process.