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Pharma Industry: Why BIM can become a digital transformation cornerstone?

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    BIM processes with federated 3D models and centralized CDEs are well-accepted norms in project delivery. Yet, the benefits derived from this digitalization are more in favor of the engineering companies than the manufacturing owner. Moreover, the owner's transformation focus is mostly on digitizing highly regulated drug releases and manufacturing performance. Converging these two digital approaches is not often seen as a priority. Yet, it may be a foundational step toward a successful digital transformation for businesses and their people. We will make the case for data convergence between digital assets (descriptive digital twins) and manufacturing data & analytics to solve business problems, like accessing the right information & documentation without time loss. We will share how the human-centric approach made visible the foundational benefit of BIM by linking objects to information using BIM 360 (collaborate) and data fusion technologies and what KPIs can demonstrate value.

    Key Learnings

    • Design a strategy combining global and strategic initiatives with local and tactical ones
    • Turn industry and organisationnal constraints into opportunities
    • Configure the BIM digital asset to become the essential foundation of a value generating digital twin post handover
    • Promote innovation to obtain stakeholders buy-in and the necessary resources & sponsoring