Industry Talk    AULON47260
Perspectives of a Building Owner: High Performance Building by Enhanced Collaboration
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This class will through a showcase demonstrate how one of Sweden's biggest building owners tackles one of the toughest challenges in the construction industry? The project information flow. The owner was tired of all the collaboration errors caused by lack of information, wrong information being sent, uncoordinated models, construction delays due to wrong files, and other issues related to information flow. This is often due to the construction industryᆱs workflow process which results in silos in the building process. In this showcase, the building owner will present one of their latest projects: a 22,000-square-metre office building. You will learn how the owner could eliminate the information silos and enhance the building quality through integrating the project process in BIM 360. Further you will learn why the owner required all the design consultants to use Collaboration for Revit.

Key Learnings

  • Gain insight in the workflow when designing in Collaboration for Revit
  • Gain insights in how a building owner can benefit from using BIM360
  • Learn how you can collaborate more efficiently in projects using BIM360




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