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Pre-conference Session    CCS321694
PIVOT: A Legacy Builder Relaunches as a Design, Manufacturing, and Construction Firm
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Fragmentation has plagued the construction industry for too long. Needless inefficiencies have made the building process take longer, cost more, and waste resources. The delays and waste are equally frustrating to those in the business and to our clients. Skender has revolutionized our business model to demolish fragmentation. In turn, we hope to revolutionize the industry. In 2018, Skender announced sweeping change that integrates the building process from design-to-building component manufacturing to final installation and construction. This radical integration demolishes the silos in the building process, putting architects, modular component designers, manufacturing leaders, and construction professionals under one roof. Technology factors heavily in Skender’s ultimate goal of building productization. Skender will show how its integration reduces risk and delays, better serves its customers, and empowers employees to lead transformational change in the industry.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how silos and fragmentation negatively impact the construction industry now
  • Envision what a truly vertically integrated design, construction, and manufacturing building process looks like
  • Learn about the cost savings and other benefits inherent in modular construction
  • Understand how, and which, technology factors heavily in Skender’s goal of productization of buildings


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