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Optimizing Your Business Around Industrialized Construction

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    The construction industry is changing. Skilled labor is in short supply and increasingly hard to find. Contractors are becoming more specialized. Productivity across the entire process has become a larger focus. One’s carbon footprint is being factored into operational strategy. And by 2050, we’ll have 2.5 billion more people living in cities. 
    These trends call for a new way of designing and building — to help make increasingly complex projects, less complex and shift the industry from a “project” mindset to a “product” mindset. This shift will help make the architectural design process more efficient, allow subcontractors to you start fabrication faster, respond to bids sooner, spend less time creating manufacturing related digital documentation, and standardize/scale their overall ability to produce predicable work. 
    In this session, Autodesk's top thought leaders in Industrialized Construction will talk about how to successfully shift a business to align with these new developing industry trends.

    Key Learnings

    • How to transform a business that can adapt to industrialized construction models that are impacting the industry.
    • How informed design and productization can produce an outcome-based conversation between designers and manufacturers.
    • How essential data can pass through the entire connected construction process from design to handoff.
    • How to take action on the future and research and work on the solutions that are beyond what's possible today.