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Operationalizing a Smart Museum: An Owner's Journey to a Digital Twin

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    Join us on a digital-twin journey! Learn from The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History (Detroit) as we share our multiyear journey moving from blueprints to data orchestration. Discover how to align owners' agendas and adopt digital-twin workflows. Hear from key stakeholders, including executive leaders, sustainability officers, and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) collaborators, as we operationalize and find value in our digital replica of physical assets, processes, and systems. We'll discuss strategies for funding, budgeting, and timeline creation to revolutionize workflows. Experience our high-fidelity pilot using Autodesk Tandem, Revit software, Eptura's ticketing systems, and IoT sensors. Our diverse backgrounds in service design, UX research, architecture, business, and construction administration offer rich insights into our pilot results and future plans to create a holistic smart museum and FM for improved collaborations and operational efficiency.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about uncovering owner's agendas, funding, and strategies to shift projects into true digital-twin maturity models.
    • Explore digital tools capturing data for sustainability, maintenance, and visitor-experience actions and policies.
    • Learn about using Autodesk Tandem, Revit, Eptura, sensors, and building management systems for interoperability and maximum benefits.
    • Learn how to operationalize and communicate benefits and outcomes from diverse stakeholder perspectives.