Lecture    AB7717
Operate as if all your distributed BIM/CAD users are in the same room
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In today's world of distributed work forces, collaborating on a project across multiple offices can be a disjointed process at best. Keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest files, even with automated processes in place, is never a smooth workflow and always ends up with coordination overhead. Working together across offices should be just as easy as working together in a single office. A BIM friendly, global file system with cross-office locking can solve your company's distributed workforce issues. Everybody within the company can truly work collaboratively on the same files without overwriting each other's work. Even six different users at six different sites are able to collaborate on the same Revit model at once while performing sync with central simultaneously. And yes, this does work for other Autodesk products like Civil 3D and other AutoCAD verticals.

Key Learnings

  • How latency and not bandwidth is the major inhibitor in cross office collaboration
  • How global file locking eliminates latency
  • How to configure BIM software to work optimally within the global file system
  • Multiple strategies for optimizing cross office workflow



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