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Open the Corri “Door” to On-Site Grading

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    If you really want to step up your grading game, then this is the class for you. We will be uncovering some of the most creative ways to grade a site. Our proven workflows were designed to ensure that over the lifecycle of the project that they would remain flexible despite the inevitable changes that always come during the design process. We will demonstrate how to use profiles generated from a surface that we can utilize to produce the site. Learn about plane and molded grading and how and why it can benefit you from conceptual all the way to detailed design. Learn how to utilize profiles you cannot even see and attach them to corridors for design grading. Learn how to perform complex grading operations, including ADA ramps all with corridors to develop a highly detailed site still flexible enough to make dramatic design changes as the project progresses.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn what Plane\Molded surfaces are
    • Learn how to work with alignments and surface profiles that read the molded surface
    • Learn about using assemblies and corridors on land-development sites
    • Learn how to edit when the inevitable site changes come