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New solutions for Construction site layout planning with Infraworks at NCC

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    Construction site layout plans are integral to Construction management and involve placing and sizing site equipment and temporary structures.

    While Infraworks supports 3D objects, there is no support for generic parametric 3D objects. This meant NCC had to model separate objects for each variation of size which is impractical. NCC worked with Autodesk on a solution that provides parametric objects, modelled in Inventor and resizable in Infraworks.

    The new workflow reduces NCC process times by about 15%, but more importantly, it offers several new tools to create 3D models using a variety of 2D/3D data and to visualise, simulate, communicate and gather comments.It shows existing conditions to visualise complexity during site layout planning.It also provides a simple interface and easy access to predefined objects, which is crucial for implementing this solution across NCC.

    In this class, NCC will share their experience of creating construction site layout plans using Infraworks.

    Key Learnings

    • Plan construction site layouts and see their importance during construction management.
    • Model a construction site for logistics, stepping through key processes and workflows using Infraworks
    • Resize Inventor-based parametric objects inside Infraworks
    • Use Infraworks for other construction management activities, like assessing the lane closure impact on traffic movement