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A New Design Paradigm in Mixed Reality: Using HoloLens for Architectural Design

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    Mixed reality (MR) combines virtual and physical realities into one space and offers an exciting new design opportunity for architects. By projecting the Building Information Modeling (BIM) model directly over the physical site in MR, architects can communicate design ideas to the team and clients in an immersive and interactive way. This session will demonstrate MR case studies, using Microsoft HoloLens, applied for different phases of architectural projects. We'll share our exploration regarding the process of precision alignment of a BIM model with the physical project site. We'll then use MR for virtual mockup and review of design options. Finally, we'll examine the potential of MR tools for construction administration and envision on-site MR clash detection using Microsoft HoloLens.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn an easy workflow to create a mixed-reality model using Revit, 3ds Max, and Unity 3D
    • Explore a new design paradigm using mixed reality
    • Learn how to use mixed reality to engage your clients and your project team
    • Learn how to use HoloLens’s spatial mapping for model placement in mixed reality