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Hands-on Lab    SE3142-L
Modeling Reinforcement and Creating Shop Drawings in Revit Structure
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In this hands-on lab, you learn how to model reinforcement and create shop drawings from the model in Revit Structure software. We use a typical parking garage as an example, and demonstrate techniques to use various tools within Revit, third-party add-ins, Revit® Extensions, and parts and assemblies to model rebar. We learn which modeling techniques are practical for different types of concrete elements, such as drilled piers, columns, beams, slabs, and walls. We then use the scheduling tools in Revit Structure, as well as add-ins that export and import our schedules to Microsoft® Excel®, to create and modify rebar bend schedules for the use in shop drawings and for export to fabrication. The new features in Revit Structure 2014, particularly the ability to apply overrides to the default host constraint behavior on a selected rebar element, are demonstrated. We also learn how to create custom tags and annotation elements that are useful in creating rebar shop drawings.

Key Learnings

  • Use the reinforcement modeling tools in Revit, as well as Revit Extensions and third-party add-ins
  • Describe the new reinforcement modeling tools in Revit 2014 and explain when to use them
  • Use schedule and links to Excel to create and modify rebar bend schedules and data for fabrication
  • Create custom annotation families, parameters, and tags to use in creating shop drawings from the Revit model


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