Lecture    FB2971
Modeling Precast Concrete to a Shop Drawing Level Using Revit Structure
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This class covers modeling techniques for using Revit® Structure to model precast concrete elements and their associated connection elements to a fabrication level. The examples presented are representative of a typical precast concrete building. We learn how to create custom profiles and families for precast elements and how to model these elements to a fabrication-level of detail. Attendees learn how to create smart families for typical precast parts and pieces such as connection elements and daps. We also cover how to manage the data in a precast concrete fabrication model and how to efficiently present this in the form of shop drawings. Third-party applications used for modeling of precast, as well as linking data with Microsoft® Excel®, are also presented.

Key Learnings

  • Create custom precast concrete framing member and connection component families, including warping double tees
  • Use the parts and assemblies features in Revit Structure to combine precast elements and their connections
  • Explain how to create precast concrete shop drawings from Revit Structure
  • Use third-party applications to frame precast and link data in the model with Excel spreadsheets



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