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Model Development Management on Highways England’s Smart Motorways Projects with CH2M

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    Highways England has defined a framework for delivering asset information on the Smart Motorways program corresponding with Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices. To deliver this, the process of tagging data consistently with several applications presented CH2M with a time-consuming challenge. Working with Autodesk to develop a Model Development Manager Solution, CH2M now has information integrity with a single data source derived from geometry models and an associated database working with many platforms, such as AutoCAD Civil 3D software, Revit software, and Navisworks software. This saves the firm a significant number of hours spent creating and maintaining information models when geometry changes across platforms. Autodesk will demonstrate the concept and use of the Model Development Manager, and CH2M will explain the scale of the original problem and the impact that the Solution has had on this and future possibilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify issues related to tracking BIM data generated in several applications
    • Discover the concept behind the Model Development Manager solution
    • Discover the benefits to CH2M of using the solution
    • Discuss other opportunities for using this solution