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Model-Based Earned Value Tracking for Keeping Projects on Budget and Schedule

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    A project’s success is often dependent on completing it on time and within budget. The construction phase of the project is usually the one that consumes the most resources, and it’s often the stage when projects can go off track. Earned value tracking—a methodical approach to keeping your projects on track to meet tight deadlines—can help overcome these challenges. Earned value tracking helps the project teams answer tough questions regarding the health of the project and schedule. In this session, CJ Best, construction technology program manager, and Spencer Hobson, senior project engineer—both from leading MEP specialty contractor McKinstry—will share their approaches to accurately tracking field productivity. You’ll see how McKinstry uses the 3D model, project data, iPads, and software systems, including Assemble Systems, to manage project costs, material delivery, installation, scheduling, and inventory on multiple projects, including an innovative cancer treatment facility.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Assemble to track installation progress
    • Learn how to sort and filter the data by installation status and activity IDs to see quantities installed
    • Learn about the benefits of tracking earned value through a 3D model instead of 2D solutions
    • Learn how to use BIM metadata for construction management