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Mindset—How to Lead the Pack as a Tech Manager
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Your mindset develops over years of learning and service. Your technical skills are top notch. Your management skills are advanced. Your leadership moves things forward. Want to make an even greater impact? Tech managers (CAD / Building Information Modeling (BIM) / IT) can develop a mindset that perpetuates success. It’s an approach that you take when you enter into planning, preparation, negotiations, or problems. We will look at this topic from the overall vantage point of what your framework should be when you are thinking about tech-management issues. Managing tech goes beyond the technical, people, and project-management skills that you have to get right. It starts with your mindset and ends with you creating an innovative environment for achievement. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • See how shifting your perspectives can improve your ability to manage others
  • Learn how your reactions and approaches can launch your environment up to the next level
  • Leave with a renewed vigor for technical management by adjusting your mindset
  • Learn how to avoid the negative mindsets that might poison your conversations and kill progress



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