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Getting the Most from Your Software
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You may have at times said to yourself, “We pay for modern software tools, hardware, implementation, and training, but I can’t help feeling that we aren’t getting all the productivity we should have.” In this session we’ll ponder why some companies succeed with new software while others flounder, and we’ll explore the key role the CAD/Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager can play in achieving the success that leads to high productivity. We’ll cover defining your CAD tools and finding technology accelerators, and we’ll also look at test piloting, training ladder methodologies, project management-based tool analysis, and the profound impact of mission management when implementing software. If you are responsible for CAD/BIM management, training, or project execution using CAD tools, you won’t want to miss this session.

Key Learnings

  • Discover key CAD/BIM managers roles to fulfill
  • Discover key training and testing procedures
  • Discover key project management strategies
  • Learn how to define key mission scopes to achieve goals



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