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Dynamo for BIM Managers: Managing Dynamo and Dynamo for Managing - Part 2 of 4

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    Ever felt like Dynamo was hard to wrangle? Is it difficult to get your head around the technical aspects of managing Dynamo for your firm? Is it hard to understand where Dynamo is best suited in your workflows? Maybe you want to learn how to best approach sharing scripts with your peers? Or learn successful practises around effectively teaching Dynamo to new users? Then come join us for the "Managing Dynamo and Dynamo for Managing" stream focused upon all of the above. Please note: This class is most effective with a beginner-medium understanding of Dynamo: We will not be covering entry-level Dynamo. If you are a beginner or have never used Dynamo before consider attending the Dynamo beginner session held during the main AU conference or invest in beginner training ahead of time. Participants will be paired at provided computers (1 computer for 2 participants). Includes the Tuesday AU General Session. Don’t forget to add the AU Full Conference Pass and sign up for the Wednesday evening DynaLightning talks and party.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn strategies on how to best manage the under-the-hood pieces of Dynamo
    • Learn how to talk about Dynamo in a way that is easy to digest and actionable
    • Learn how to design and standardize scripts to effectively share with your peers
    • Learn how and when to apply different scripts at various stages of a project