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Migrating AutoCAD® Standards to Autodesk® Revit®

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    As you migrate to Autodesk Revit software from AutoCAD software, there are always questions about how to make Revit output look like drawings produced by AutoCAD. While Revit works differently than AutoCAD, there are also ways of configuring Revit to replicate some of the interface standards of AutoCAD. This class will look at ways of modifying Revit line weights, line patterns, line patterns, fill (hatch) patterns, materials, object styles, and units to help with the transition to Revit. We will also look at migrating AutoCAD details into Revit and controlling AutoCAD line weights for AutoCAD linework that is linked into Revit. Since there are some standards that will need to change with implementing Revit, this class will help you understand some of those items that should change.

    Key Learnings

    • Configure views to have colors similar to AutoCAD layers
    • Migrate standard details into Revit
    • Customize Revit line weights to match the AutoCAD CTB table and replicate AutoCAD linetypes with text in them
    • Migrate custom AutoCAD hatches to Revit fill patterns and modify annotation dimensions and text types in Revit