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Mass Timber & Decarbonization: A Case Study in Collaborative Modular Design

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    The emerging prevalence of mass timber structures and modular MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) and façade systems point to the goal that most projects share—design and build beautiful and sustainable buildings on time and on budget. This case study of midrise housing that utilizes mass timber and modular MEP/façade systems illustrates the reduced carbon footprint and related cost and schedule savings of this type of design when compared to traditional concrete structures. By focusing on materials, fabrication, and installation, the case study is a road map for how integrated delivery can reduce operational and embodied carbon by 60%, cost by 10%, and construction time by 15%. Integrated delivery of this kind requires close coordination with fabricators and contractors, facilitated by shared intelligent models and data. The panel will discuss how owners can influence integrated delivery adoption and the best practices to implement at project kickoff and extend through the construction to post-occupancy use.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover design and sustainability benefits of mass timber and modular MEP / façade systems
    • Compare carbon impacts, cost, and delivery of mass timber / modular MEP case study to traditional concrete structure
    • Discover what is needed for this type of integrated project delivery collaboration with fabricators and contractors
    • Learn how to identify the value of shared data sets and models between the design team, fabricators, contractors, and owners