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MEP Workflow: Schematic Design to Construction Using Revit and the HVAC Solution Add-in

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    HVAC Solution is a schematic simulation tool that you can use to determine and size many of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning components that you will use in your Revit software projects. The tool can also serve as a guide to help you connect your Revit software objects in the right order. You can start off your project by choosing our windows-based drag-and-drop technology to lay out your project, or you can begin by using one of our numerous wizards. Answer your questions and build your air, hydronic hot and chilled water, steam, controls, and plumbing systems. Our intelligent systems enable you to run 'what if' scenarios and perform all the necessary HVAC system calculations. Once systems are created and calculated, you then automatically select equipment from many of the equipment manufacturers in the HVAC industry. Once you have determined all the equipment capacities, you can import the schedules and schematics into Revit software using the new Revit 2015 software add-in feature, or you can import data into the corresponding Revit software families.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about MEP workflow, from schematic design to construction, and learn how to import gbXML files from loads programs (Trane) into HVAC Solution
    • Learn how to manage MEP intelligent airflow, hydronic, steam, domestic, waste/vent, and control schematics from concept to completion
    • Learn how to automatically select equipment from HVAC manufacturers that meets system capacities, as well as how to create schedules, BOM, DXF file, and more
    • Learn how to use the new 2015 Revit software add-in to import your schedules into Revit software, and discover how to map and transfer your data into the Revit software families