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MEP Modeling Made Easy with Dynamo

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    In this class, we'll understand how to use Dynamo software to perform daily activities from a Mechanical and Electrical contractor point of view-starting from simple parameters mirroring and going to more-advanced techniques, including the use of Python scripting. The requirement of a LOD400 model for 34 kilometers of tunnel can be quite complex if you don't choose the right way. Starting from a simple Microsoft Excel file with the tunnel alignment, you'll be able to create a fully detailed design, including all the information useful for the facilities management system. Dynamo is the key when you've got to place thousands of elements based on rules and algorithms. This is a real-world applications in one of the most iconic rail projects in the Middle East

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how to approach an alignment-based model
    • Learn how to create families optimized for a rule-driven algorithm
    • Learn about the basics of Python and Code Blocks to improve Dynamo “out of the box” capabilities
    • Learn how to extract dashboards in order to QA/QC the model and verify construction tolerances