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Living a Happy Lifecycle with Building Information Modeling: Linking BIM to FM is Just the Beginning

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    We have spent the past several years institutionalizing the standards and processes required to establish a 'To Be Maintained' Building Information Modeling (BIM) Revit software model and link this Revit software model to a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The prevalent thinking was that this 'BIM-to-CMMS' milestone was the ultimate BIM goal for an owner. Today we see that it is just the beginning of capitalizing on BIM in many areas of the facility lifecycle, and we understand that the owner expects the existence of the BIM to deliver measureable value in the operation and maintenance of the facility. Our panel will focus on the emerging uses of BIM after the completion of the Revit software model. We will discuss how you can utilize the model in asset management, real estate management, and building automation and performance optimization, as well as how the model impacts the total cost of facility ownership.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand lifecycle BIM implementation
    • Learn effective practices for implementing BIM-enabled FM on a project
    • Learn about the emerging uses of BIM in facility management
    • Become aware of the common misconceptions associated with 6D BIM