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Leveraging Linetypes in AutoCAD

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    This class is filled with all the tips and tricks you'll need to create new linetypes in AutoCAD software. Yes, AutoCAD does supply us with several options for linetypes, including dashes, dots, and shapes. What about creating and designing custom lines based on your company CAD standards or specific project needs? In this class, you’ll learn how to create a compiled custom linetype library to be used for your company standard. Drawings need creativity and clarity. In this class, you’ll gain that innovative knowledge to create new linetypes that catapult your drawings to the next level. Most importantly, you’ll be able to bring value back to your employer and the knowledge to help you excel within your field.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify, change, and create linetype definitions
    • Learn how to create custom linetypes using fonts and shapes
    • Learn how to create and compile a complex linetype library with shapes
    • Learn how to create a tool palette with custom linetypes loaded and properties defined