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Laser-Scanning Workflow Process for Chemical Plant Using ReCap and AutoCAD Plant 3D

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    This class will cover workflow process for laser scanning utilizing Z&F scanner, ReCap Ultimate software, AutoCAD Plant 3D software, and Navisworks software. You will learn how to use laser scanning and ReCap software in a real-world retrofit project show, and you’ll gain some timesaving ideas about getting scan data into AutoCAD Plant 3D software and working directly inside the point cloud. You will learn how to get this done with no third-party applications and using only ReCap software, Navisworks software, and AutoCAD Plant 3D software. When you work in environments like chemical plants—which are normally small scan jobs and quick turnaround maintenance types of jobs—using ReCap software and AutoCAD Plant 3D software together can greatly reduce design time and help eliminate construction issues after the design has been completed. This session features ReCap 360 and AutoCAD Plant 3D.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to register scans using ReCap Ultimate
    • Learn how to clip scan data out of ReCap and use it inside AutoCAD Plant 3D
    • Learn how to bring scan data set into Navisworks
    • Learn how to apply survey to control the location then the point cloud