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LIVE Design Ecosystem—Using Autodesk Revit LIVE, Stingray, and 3ds Max for Real-Time

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    This session will cover collaboration between architects and design visualization specialists within the Live Design network. Once a Revit software user generates an Autodesk Revit LIVE project, any design visualization specialist can jump in and take that project to another level. Using knowledge from 3ds Max software and the Stingray game engine, let’s see how we can easily add dynamic content to create an immersive presentation. Game engine technologies can really enhance the design visualization process—it’s all about real-time storytelling! This hands-on lab will give an overview of the power of each software system when they’re combined. During the lab, we will go from Revit software, to Autodesk Revit LIVE software, to Stingray game engine, then finally close the loop and send the project back into Autodesk Revit LIVE. This session features Autodesk Stingray, Autodesk Revit LIVE, and 3ds Max.

    Key Learnings

    • Process a Revit project with Revit LIVE and open it in Stingray
    • Edit Stingray materials and import content
    • Use Level Sync between Stingray and 3ds Max
    • Trigger animation in Stingray using Level Flow