Investigating reality capture technology and its value to architecture, engineering & construction
Industry Talk    LO-AEC35
Melanie Dawson
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Through a practical real-world example, investigate and understand the benefits that different reality capture technology can bring to your construction workflows. When and where would you use this technology and how do you bring this data back into the office to allow you to make decisions on accurate information. Utilising a range of Autodesk software to generate 3D deliverables from photography, scan data and mobile mapping data. Understanding how bringing reality capture data into Navisworks can generate clash reports, inform scheduling information and linking this back to our site teams through BIM360 glue and field. Discover what reality capture technology fits your requirements and how using Autodesk software, it can be used to its full potential. Real-World project: Construction site in Manchester: an area will be captured using a range of photogrammetry, laser scanning (BLK360 included) and mobile mapping technology. Project enabled through collaboration with Leica Geosystems

Key Learnings

  • Utilise data and information across various interoperable applications
  • Visualise and process point cloud data efficiently as a virtual as-built model in Navisworks
  • Produce deliverables confidently such as 3D models from point cloud data or drone-based collection systems
  • Discover how point cloud data produces comprehensive details of a building to accurately develop informative BIM models


Melanie Dawson
Over the last 15 years Melanie has gained a wealth of experience, including working on challenging design projects in architectural practice, being part of and also managing multidisciplinary design teams and experiencing the real life challenges that come with construction projects. Her combined design and construction experience has formed an excellent foundation to support her role as head of BIM in GRAHAM Construction. She manages the BIM ideas process collaboratively to deliver sustainable innovation through BIM. Melanie is a leader in BIM integration and drives the progress of GRAHAM Construction's BIM vision and objectives. In 2012 she established the CIC NI BIM Regional Hub and has held the position of chair of this group now known as ‘NI BIM Region’ to the present date. The NI BIM Region's steering group works to support the Building Information Modelling objectives set by the UK Government Cabinet Office.

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