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Introduction to BIM for Facilities Managers, Owners, and Occupiers

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    This class covers using Revit®-based software, BIM 360™ Field, and Navisworks® for the operation, maintenance, and lifecycle of facilities. We consider the progress of the facilities management industry in implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and review the outcomes of a project to use Revit, BIM 360 Field, and Navisworks to manage a new school in London. We also identify further opportunities to integrate BIM data into the delivery of facilities management services to owners and occupiers of facilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Engage with facility managers on the format and content of BIM data during design stages
    • Consider the allocation of responsibility for collecting design and commissioning data
    • List the benefits available from BIM during the operational lifecycle of a facility
    • Describe the interfaces between Autodesk tools and third-party computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) systems