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Intro to Dynamo: Learning to Think Computationally

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    One of the biggest hurdles for architects, engineers, and construction professionals interested in capitalizing on the power of Dynamo visual programming language extension is learning to think like a programmer. In this class, we'll cover several basic programming concepts which, on the surface, may not seem to relate directly to Building Information Modeling (BIM)—but then we'll apply these techniques to Dynamo examples for Revit software workflows, such as placing various types of Revit software families, reading and changing parameters, and creating new project views and sheets. By the time we’ll be finished, you'll have a strong foundation for working more efficiently, accurately, and powerfully in your day-to-day Revit project work. This session features Dynamo Studio and Revit. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how Dynamo interacts with Revit project data and geometry
    • Discover the common Dynamo data types, and when each type tends to be used
    • Break down Revit project tasks into steps based on programming techniques
    • Learn how to navigate the Dynamo Node Library to find and place the appropriate nodes to accomplish each step of the task