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Lecture    ED7360
Inspiring the Next Generation Through Worldskills Competition
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WorldSkills International (WSI) is a global not-for-profit organization that aims to support national agencies in the promotion of vocational education through competitions, often referred to as the Skills Olympics. Autodesk, Inc., is a global partner of WSI, and Autodesk technology is used in a number of competitions covering manufacturing; architecture, engineering, and construction; and media and entertainment. This class aims to provide insight into the benefits of engaging students in WSI competitions to help improve standards. We will showcase how the training of students in the use of Inventor software for their participation in the Mechanical Engineering Design CAD competition has been a catalyst for improvement for all students at New College Lanarkshire by way of integration into the curriculum. You will also hear from Autodesk customers who are reaping the benefits of a workforce that is highly skilled due to employee participation in the competitions, and you will see the latest design project used for the U.K. team's training, which incorporates Inventor software, the Autodesk 360 cloud-computing platform, and the Fusion 360 3D CAD design app.


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