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Inside Construction IQ: A Peek into the Mind of the AI

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    Construction IQ powers the BIM 360 software’s prediction and analytics ecosystem with built-in machine learning and AI functionality that automatically analyzes data collected and stored in BIM 360 to help to identify and prioritize the construction risk that happens every day during project execution. Get a peek into how the AI in BIM 360 Construction IQ makes decisions to provide predictive insights to the users. This will be followed by a live product demo and walk-through of how to get the most out of Construction IQ and the BIM 360 dashboard ecosystem. Gain important tips and tricks on how to obtain better and better results daily by incorporating Construction IQ in your workflows, and learn from the success of some of our customers about how to use the power of data. This will be an excellent opportunity to interact with the product team and get your questions answered.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to better prioritize your daily tasks
    • Learn how to get more-accurate insights by using Construction IQ
    • Learn about the science behind Construction IQ and its AI
    • Learn how to better customize BIM 360 Insight for optimal productivity