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InfraWorks for Architects

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    InfraWorks isn't just for civil engineers. Architects can benefit from InfraWorks' streamlined interface and easy-to-use tools to plan, analyze, and present a proposed building on a site within the context of the existing surroundings. Learn how to geolocate and import your Revit model to perform sun/shadow studies, create multiple proposals, bookmark views and batch print them (Javascript code included), generate quick and easy fly-over videos, and finish off with an easy way to create & share a VR experience of your proposed building located on the site.3D city models created by CyberCity 3D, an Autodesk AEC Business Partner, will be featured in the presentation.

    Key Learnings

    • Create an existing site model using InfraWorks’ Model Builder
    • Import Revit models into InfraWorks for design visualization and analysis
    • Quickly create still images and fly-over videos for presentations
    • Create a simple VR experience in Navisworks using the InfraWorks and Revit models