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InfraWorks 360 for Architects

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    Learn how to utilize InfraWorks 360 cloud service for conceptual master planning and visualization. This class will show you how to get started with the creation of a city from various data sources and how to speed up your conceptual design process. Learn how to reuse various data types from Revit software, Trimble’s SketchUp modeling program, and 3ds Max software, which can be used to develop multiple design proposals within a city context while also using native InfraWorks 360 tools to develop roads, water, and coverage areas. See how this new software can help you improve your productivity and reduce unnecessary hours spent on conceptual design visualization for master planning in your organization.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a city context
    • Learn how to gather and convert data
    • Using in product tools and features
    • Learn how to use simple animation workflows