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Indoor Maps for Facilities: How to transform a Revit Model in BIM 360 Ops

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    In this technical session, we will demonstrate how the BIM 360 Ops Indoor Maps Revit add-in can make it easy for organizations to add indoor maps to BIM 360 Ops for indoor positioning. This session will go into detail about the Apple Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) program and how Autodesk’s building operations product, BIM 360 Ops, integrates with it. Detailed indoor maps can significantly improve facility management and operations, while delivering fantastic user experiences inside buildings and facilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to turn a Revit floorplan into a map with IMDFs.
    • Learn how to set up the BIM 360 Ops Indoor Map to show technicians and vendors the paths to their assigned tickets or nearby assets.
    • Discover how to view a list of new tickets as a heat map for better triaging.
    • Learn about where problems areas are clustered by viewing closed tickets using Indoor Mapping.