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Improving Job-Site Transparency Using Custom Reports and BIM 360 Field APIs

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    The McCarthy team is capitalizing on BIM 360 Field software to track quality and progress on various building elements. As a result, they had several custom reporting requirements to regularly report out on. A custom building-equipment tracking report called the "Quality Log" involves the use of the equipment module, the checklist modules, and the issues module in BIM 360 Field software. The custom report enables project teams to see the status of any equipment item: all the properties associated with it, the status of any associated checklists, and the number of open and closed issues. We will cover how to use the equipment module in some creative ways to help us manage the construction progress. With Autodesk APIs, we are able to get a succinct report that can give a quick overview of the project’s health. This session features BIM 360 Field. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about BIM 360 Field API services
    • Understand how BIM 360 services can be used to create custom applications specific to the firm—rather than using the standard BIM 360 templates for equipment reports
    • Understand the basics of Quartz Net reporting tools, Windows Azure Services
    • Understand how the equipment module can be used to track the health and progress of our job sites