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Implementing a Digital Practice: Looking Beyond BIM Management
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Digital disruption is accelerating in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry faster than most firms can react. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is no longer the single force driving change; the complete digitization of your firm is. Learn how, as a mid-size architecture firm, Turner Fleischer Architects stopped our BIM Transformation Committee and started again with nine full-time staff, led by two partners, exclusively dedicated to using innovation in project workflows. Taking a deep dive and mapping the goals and objectives of this new Digital Practice Department showed its full permeation in all aspects of operations, and the radiating impact on the studio. A momentum and mindset change followed, the spark of which highlights a different approach to technology management that we will share with you.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how a departmental approach to technology creates an environment that encourages growth in all aspects of a practice
  • Learn about what industry changes drive the AEC industry to necessitate new ways of organizing a workforce
  • Learn how to apply an understanding of the background, failures, and lessons learned from a firm that created a digital practice department
  • Learn the rationale behind structuring a new team on the practice, research and development, training, education, and outreach




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