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IFC: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

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    Opinion on the ability of the Industry Foundation Classes format (IFC) to provide the level of exchange necessary is divided: Is it the truly interoperable solution it was designed to be? Is it the only option when software vendors refuse to provide direct compatibility? Is it merely a Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) for the 21st century, incapable of providing a level of geometric coordination necessary for the majority of projects? Much has been said over the past 12 months or so about the need for an Open BIM solution. Even the UK government talks about open sharable asset information and there is plenty of evidence of one open solution communicating with another. Evolve Consultancy has worked with many consultants and contractors over the years, exchanging information between Autodesk®, Bentley®, and Graphisoft® authoring and collaboration tools. Is it the IFC standard that is to blame? Can we eliminate these issues? This class explains the key aspects of model structure and organization and how best to exchange coordinated information.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify and list key areas for success and failure both in terms of graphics and metadata exchange
    • Demonstrate IFC best-practice workflows and solutions to known issues
    • Describe the actual technicalities of BIM exchange between major BIM software
    • Set options for optimal IFC export and import